Nanocatalyst Research Laboratory

Let's sing a "Song" for Nanocatalysts!

Why are nanocatalysts important in green energy processes?

We are thoroughly investigating chemistry on well-defined nanostructures and surfaces. We have generated numerous nanostructures with uniform morphologies and studied various catalytic functions stimulated by renewable energy sources. We now focus on nano-assemblies for multi-dimensional functions and small molecule activation by photo- and electrochemical processes using designed nanoparticles.

Starting from the model catalysts, we explore fundamental principles of nanocatalyst design exhibiting high conversion efficiency and selectivity of energy conversion reactions, such as hydrogen generation and carbon dioxide reduction, and pursue to establish green chemical processes beneficial for human life on Earth.

Jong-Yeong Jung received the Best Poster Award for MRS Symposium EN07.


The poster presentation at the 2023 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting has been recognized with the Best Poster for Symposium 07: Emerging Electrocatalytic Materials and Devices for Clean Energy and Environmental Applications, sponsored by ACS Energy Letters. Congratulations!

Our KSA team won the Poster Award.


The KSA team (Wooseok Kim, Sihyun Moon, and Juhyeok Seok), supervised by Prof. Hyunjoon Song and Jong-Yeong Jung, won the poster award of the 2023 KSA R&E. Congratulations!

A KSA Youtube channel, ChemiEY, uploaded Prof. Song's interview.


A popular YouTube channel, ChemiEY, is being run by Dr. Eunyoung Choi at KSA. It recently uploaded the interview with Prof. Song in Korean.